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Computer We create an online store with your approved design
Promote You promote your online store to your organization & members
Ship We do all the work and process the orders and print it!
Money You pick up your order and receive a check for your team, group, cause or event!

How much can I make?

1 Color Design @ $10.00

Example For Product #5000 in white

You Sell 50 Shirts

You Get Over $200

2 Color Design @ $12.50

Example For Product #5000 in Black

You Sell 75 Shirts

You Get Over $425

3 Color Design @ $15.00

Exanple For Product #5000 in Royal

You Sell 100 Shirts

You Get Over $710

How does it work?

A sales rep will ask you about these four sections, your artwork, and garment type.

Inksoft Store Map

Section 1

What is the name of your store?

Section 2

What is the ending date of the sale? Do you want to set a goal?

Section 3

What sizes to offer? What is the price?

Section 4

What do you want for a headline and a paragraph under your garment?

With Midwest Impressions, you can design, print and sell your own custom T-shirts. Whether you want to promote your business, your band, your kid’s baseball team, or your own creative design, we can set up a store for you. Whatever your cause may be, we’ve got a custom T-shirt selling solution for you. Fill out the above form or call us at (402) 431-2930 to get your online T-shirt store started.

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