Embroidery can be done on a variety of surfaces but is most often done on hats, visors, polos, bags and outerwear.  To the right, are samples of some of the "Sew Outs" that we have done.  A "Sew Out" is the first step of the embroidery process.  It allows the experts at Midwest Impressions to ensure that the thread count is high enough to give the logo or design the desired "rich" and "full" look. 

Ready to start the Embroidery procoess?  Great!  Just scroll down and follow the steps below!


Choose Your Product

  • What would you like embroidered? A Polo? Sweatshirt? Full Zip Jacket?

  • What color would you like the garment to be?

  • Please browse the provider link below to select a style.

Get Us Your Logo

After submitting your art request please email your logo to sales@midwestimpressions.com  If you'd like to use something other than your standard logo, just let us know! Midwest Impressions has a full staff of talented Graphic Designers ready to assist you!


Pricing on embroidered items is determined by the stitch count (the number of stitches required to give your logo or design a lush, full look). Once we have your logo or design in hand, we will send it through the digitization process to determine the stitch count and inform you of your final pricing. 

Pricing Hint: The more you order, the lower your per item cost! 

Call 402-289-9583 or email sales@midwestimpressions.com to get specific pricing information.